Let Us Help You Find The Best Yoga DVD For You

Choosing a yoga DVD can be intimidating and time consuming. There are so many  out there to choose from that it can end up being very overwhelming. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes to find a great video by sharing with you our yoga DVD reviews. We hope these reviews help you find exactly what you are looking for.

There are DVDs available for almost any style of yoga: Power, Yin, Prenatal, Weight Loss, Hatha etc. Since there are so many reasons for doing yoga, we have divided up the different types of yoga into the most popular categories people are interested in. Each category page will list the DVDs that we recommend for that style of yoga with a short review. We hope this site makes your DVD search easier and that you find the best yoga DVD for your needs.

Yoga For Beginners DVDs

Best Yoga DVDFinding Yoga For Beginners video can be tricky. On one hand you don’t want it to be so easy that you can’t grow into it. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be too difficult that don’t enjoy it or can’t do it. You also want someone who is very good at explaining the poses while also having video that you can actually see what exactly is going on. Thankfully there are numerous beginner DVDs out there that you can get a great workout as well as very qualified and helpful instruction. Yoga For Beginners DVDs page to see our recommendations.

Prenatal Yoga DVDs

Prenatal yoga dvd Prenatal Yoga can provide health benefits both you and your baby. Doing yoga during pregnancy reduces stress, increases blood circulation, releases muscle tension and enhances body awareness. It also increases your flexibility and improves your strength without causing any additional stress on your body that other physical activities can. The breathing techniques can also help you stay calm during contractions or during stressful situations in your pregnancy. Visit our Prenatal Yoga DVDs page to see our recommendations.

Kundalini Yoga DVDs

Kundalini Yoga is quite different from what we think of when we think of yoga. Kundalini yoga focuses more on raising an individual’s consciousness by expanding your intuition and sensory awareness. This type of yoga is for those that are more advanced. It is really a blend of meditation and yoga, so you need a good understanding of and confidence in your yoga posture ability so that you can put more of your energy into meditation. There are a few really good DVDs out there so visit our Kundalini Yoga DVDs page to see our recommendations.

Power Yoga DVDs

Power Yoga is a more rigorous type of yoga that is preferred by athletes and those who want a more strenuous and fast-paced workout. Those who like aerobics tend to prefer this type of yoga as well. Power yoga moves through poses in a slow steady pace and emphasises good yoga posture. This type of yoga is best for those people who are already physically fit. Click on the following link to find our recommended Power Yoga DVDs.

Yoga For Weight Loss DVDs

yoga for weight lossYoga is a really great way to lose weight. By doing yoga on a regular basis you are burning calories, gaining flexibility as well as building strength. As you get stronger, your body requires more calories. So the better you get at yoga the more calories you will burn at rest too. Many people prefer to practise yoga than going to the gym or going out for a run. Time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself and these classes are both enjoyable and effective at helping you lose weight. Visit our Yoga For Weight Loss DVDs page to see our recommendations.

Yoga For Seniors DVDs

yoga for seniorsYoga can provide many health benefits to seniors. For seniors to live longer healthier lives, they should include physical activity in their daily lives. Yoga can increase range of motion, build strength, balance and co-ordination; all things that are important at all times in your life, but even more important in your later years. Improving your overall health can greatly improve your quality of life. Your later years will be much more enjoyable if you are healthy and active. Visit our Yoga For Seniors DVDs page to see our recommendations.

Yoga For Kids DVDs

Yoga is a great way to keep kids active and help them improve their co-ordination, balance and overall health. You really need to be careful when doing yoga with a child. The yoga for kids DVDs should be fun for a child and not be a “workout”. They should be allowed to explore their movements and not have to have perfect pose posture or hold poses for any length of time. The yoga videos in this section are an excellent way to introduce yoga to your children or classroom. Visit the Yoga For Kids DVDs to see what we recommend.

Closing Comments

There are so many DVDs out there that we obviously haven’t had a chance to view them all. If there are any yoga DVDs that you would like us to review or ones that you have found helpful, feel free to comment below or on the specific yoga style pages. Also be aware that one person’s “best yoga DVD” may be another’s least favorite. Be sure to read the yoga DVD reviews before making a purchase to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Why waste money on something that might not be right for you?

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