Yoga For Seniors DVDs – Our 3 Favorites

Yoga for Seniors is an area where I haven’t had a chance to view a lot of DVDs. I did find a couple though that I would recommend for any senior citizen who would like to stay active. If you know of any more that you have found to be really good, feel free to send them to me and I will check them out.

Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams

Yoga For Seniors dvd
Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams serves as a mild yoga exercise which will strengthen the whole body, enhance stability, as well as improve joint range-of-motion. Structured using a widely used yoga program in an assisted living facility, this video will certainly benefit senior citizens through a number of needs and capabilities. This DVD offers a pair of 35-minute segments: A live yoga program with the help of mature adults which range in age starting from 73-92, as well as an instructor-only option. The two show the identical forty safe, simple to go along with actions, all carried out sitting down or standing up beside a chair.

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Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams: Improve balance, strength and flexibility with Gentle Senior Yoga

Chair Yoga Program

Chair Yoga
TheĀ Chair Yoga Program was made to assist senior citizens build up muscular strength along with improve the capacity to function throughout day to day life. This valuable newbie yoga exercise program enhances breathing as well as blood flow and also decreases emotional stress. The Seniors Yoga Chair Workout will assist you to enhance stability, overall flexibility, and strength. Yoga includes very simple mind and body routines concentrating on breathing and peacefulness that assist to reduce anxiety.

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Chair Yoga Program – Enjoy the benefits of Yoga in a safe, gentle program. Increase flexibility, range of motion, and core strength. No pretzel poses or getting on the floor

Chair and Standing Program: Ageless Yoga

Chair and Standing Routines: Ageless Yoga, Vol. 1 – Great for Seniors and for People Unable to Sit on the Ground is another excellent yoga video for those people have have mobility issues and is especially good for those who cannot lay on a mat. The routines are very easy to follow along and leave you feeling great. This program will not put your body at risk, but will still give you the tremendous benefits of yoga.

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2 Responses to Yoga For Seniors DVDs – Our 3 Favorites

  1. Barbara Mariott says:

    I’m looking – Jane Adams looks good, also Ageless Yoga by john Schlorholtz.
    Any info on that, and/0r comparisons between them?? Thanks

  2. admin says:

    Hi Barbara, I haven’t tried either dvd myself, but I have recommended both the Jane Adams DVDs above and the Ageless Yoga DVDs to clients and they have rave reviews of both. I don’t think you can go wrong with either really. Thanks for visiting!

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